Solar Pool Heating

How Solar Pool Heating Works

At Sapphire Wetworks, we stock a range of Solar Heating products to help you convert the power of the sun, to heat your pool. Solar Pool Heating allows you to extend your swimming season so that you can enjoy your poll all year round. Below is an image and description that explains how Solar Pool Heating works.

  • You can set the pool temperature you would like to achieve on the SunSwitch controller (2). The SunSwitch controller then turns on the solar pump when the temperature difference between the roof sensor (3) and pool sensor (4) exceeds 7c.
  • The pump will stay on until the pool reaches your set temperature, but only if solar conditions are favourable. The solar pump (1) then draws cold water from your pool and pushes it up on to the roof.
  • Optimal system performance can be achieved by monitoring the pressure and flow using the pressure gauge (6) and Opti valves (7a &b).
  • The cold water collects heat from the solar collector (11).
  • The water turns around in the solar and continues to collect heat whilst being pushed back to the manifold pipes.
  • The now warm water is returned to the pool. Simple!

Image and information supplied by Sunbather. Sapphire Wetworks use and recommend Sunbather Solar Heating products