Scott Salisbury

Scott is ‘the Brawn’

He is our head service technician and company director, and driver of our Mother Ship – as he likes to call the big van. Fully Accredited Service Technician and Licensed with the Department of Fair Trading for Swimming Pool and Spa Maintenance and Service, Scott has over 20 years of experience in the pool industry and a further 9 years in water and waste water management. Scott is responsible for most of the equipment repairs, new full pool plumb ins, new equipment installations, liner replacements, heating installations, major clean ups and more. His quality plumbing work has been admired by industry stalwarts.

When he’s not working on pools, you’ll find him spending time with his boys down the beach or making the most of the winter season hitting the ski slopes trying to keep up with them.

Lee Salisbury

Lee is ‘the Brain’

She is the Manager of Sapphire Wetwork – Lee is the face of the retail side of the business, but also tries to keep the service team in line……you’ll find her behind the counter in the shop, working away on the computer – or the friendly voice on the other end of the phone. A wealth of information, Lee is a fully accredited and licenced service technician with over 20 years experience, and prides herself on learning everything about anything in the pool industry – if she doesn’t already know it she won’t hesitate to find out about it.

Lee has been awarded SPASA NSW Retail Person of the Year 2012 & 2013 and SPRAA National Retail Person of the Year 2014, Maytronics Australia Presidents Award 2014 and Focus Products Hall of Fame 2019. She is held in high regard in the industry for her knowledge on pool heating – including solar and heat pumps, pool filtration and especially pool chemicals and chemistry, and she is more than happy to impart her knowledge to her customers. She is also a trainer for SPASA Australia (Swimming Pool and Spa Association) and mentors and trains other pool industry businesses and their staff.

When not working (but lets face it – Lee’s always working!), Lee likes to spend time with her boys relaxing out by their pool or reading a book.

Our Boys

The Salisbury boys

Cooper, Ashton and Lawson. Many a customer can recall the pre-shop days when Lee would on occasion assist Scott with his onsite service work – with a protruding pregnant belly. Our family has developed – and grown up, over the years along with the business. Over the years our boys have come through the retail store – working with Mum and Dad on Saturdays and during the school holidays. While they’re all rapidly growing up – the boys are still frequent visitors to the shop, Cooper and Ashton have both moved on to ‘real jobs’ (apparently working for Mum and Dad doesn’t constitute as a real job), and now Lawson is our Saturday man – and is looking to take a more hands on role in the business with a view to becoming one of our service technicians in the coming years. The photos that adorn our vans and our shop are our boys – (albeit a fair bit younger!) we’re just a little bit proud don’t you think? But what says ‘swimming pool’ more than kids having fun in the water!